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Automating backups is costly and takes time. With BackupSheep, you can quickly automate server snapshots and offsite backups - without writing code.

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Snapshot Automation

Snapshot Automation

Schedule cloud server snapshots from every hour to every day, in your timezone.

Snapshot Automation

WordPress Plugin

Easily connect your WordPress websites using BackupSheep plugin.

Snapshot Automation

Team Members

Share access with your team members with ability to restrict access.

Snapshot Automation

Client Access

Share access with your clients to allow them to manage their backups.

Snapshot Automation

Slack, Telegram & Email Alerts

Get backup notifications on your number of communication channels.

Snapshot Automation

Robust APIs

Integrate BackupSheep with your applications using REST APIs.

Snapshot Automation

Multi-Storage Backups

Upload backups to multiple storage accounts in a single backup run.

Snapshot Automation

Upto 1-Minute Intervals

Flexible backup scheduling with up to 1-minute backup intervals.

Snapshot Automation

Crontab Syntax

Create backups at regular intervals or at a specific time using crontab syntax.

Snapshot Automation

Timezone Aware

Create timezone-aware schedule to run in different timezones.

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Create multiple schedules per node to create multiple backups.

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On-Demand Backups

Create instant backups of node using dashboard or API.

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NVMe storage and have a high throughput network for quick and reliable backups.

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S3 Compatible

Access your backup buckets and push backups using any tool which supports S3.

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Canadian Support Team

Always humans, never bots. Support team based in Canada is ready to help you.

Growing List of Integrations

Automate Database Backups


Connect databases for simple, secure, and cost-effective backups; stored on free BackupSheep storage or your storage accounts.

MyQL Backups
MariaDB Backups
PostgreSQL Backups

Automate File Server Backups

Websites & Servers

Connect web servers for simple, secure, and cost-effective backups; stored on free BackupSheep storage or your storage accounts.

SFTP Backups
FTP Backups
SSH Backups

Automate Snapshots

Hosting Providers

Automate cloud server and block storage snapshots of popular cloud providers, manage everything from one dashboard.

DigitalOcean Backups
OVH Cloud Backups
Vultr Backups
AWS Backups
AWS Lightsail Backups
Hetzner Backups
UpCloud Backups
Oracle Backups
Google Cloud Backups

Store Unlimited Backups

Storage Providers

Bring your storage accounts as you wish for backups. Store the backups at multiple storage locations simultaneously.

Over 6,200 Developers & Agencies use BackupSheep for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

5 out of 5 stars

I’m very happy with BackupSheep so far

It works great. It promises great things, and it delivers. I use the BackupSheep platform for backup of individual WordPress sites and to take snapshots of my servers.

Only thing to mention is that this WordPress plugin requires UpdraftPlus for it to work. This fact came as a surprise to me, but it works great, so I assume that the team behind BackupSheep found it redundant to reinvent the wheel.

linuslorentzen (@linuslorentzen)

WordPress Reviews

5 out of 5 stars

The Best Backup Software

BackupSheep is the best backup software I’ve ever used. It saved my site when a hosting provider I invested in fell victim to a hacking attack and their server infrastructure collapsed. At that point it was too late to pull down backups from Plesk. Thankfully, I had my BackupSheep backups and was able to restore my site with a new hosting provider. And lesson learned, I now do nightly backups.

In addition, the founder of BackupSheep, Bilal, is quick to respond to support requests and gives you the help you need.

Highly recommended.

derekpadula (@derekpadula)

WordPress Reviews

5 out of 5 stars

Brilliant backup system – it just works!

I have been using BackUpSheep for a few months. I love it – it just works, and I’m saving considerable sums on having to pay for Amazon storage.

It’s reliable and simple enough for me to work out.

This is a review not because I have been asked or prompted to – just because I love this backup solution!

Thanks. Recommended.

nealghoshal (@nealghoshal)

WordPress Reviews

5 out of 5 stars

Very powerfull software to schedule and create backups for VPS, websites, databases. Use (S)FTP or one of the many integrations like BackBlaze, Dropbox, Drive.

Jasper Sierink

Google Reviews

5 out of 5 stars

the software is intuitive and I can't thank Bilal and BackupSheep. Helps me sleep at night knowing I have backups if something happens. Highly recommend BackupSheep...

Nikhil Bon

Google Reviews

5 out of 5 stars

A really good backup tool for server admin

BackupSheep is a really good tool for server backup if your server has sftp access.

Verified Reviewer

Capterra Reviews

4 out of 5 stars

A must have tool for the peace of mind

I use backupsheep to back up my WordPress websites. After it is set up, it automates everything and does an excellent job. No more worrying about losing data, no more manual backups.

Bijay A

Capterra Reviews

4 out of 5 stars

Capterra - Good for Backing up the website

Backupsheep is another option for me to backup my WordPress site. All it takes is one time setup to give you peace of mind. I would highly recommend this to anyone who needs backup for their website or database in a regular basis

Alysha A

Capterra Reviews

5 out of 5 stars

Does everything it promises

I use backupsheep to set backup schedules for the websites. Its super easy and does the job well. Just Make sure you choose the right region for your backup.

Baikuntha A

Capterra Reviews

5 out of 5 stars

Backups up our cloud data

I have been using BackupSheep for awhile now and have never really had an issue with it. My favorite part of it is probably how much data I can backup and how fast the backups get done. I am never in fear that the company data I upload to the cloud isnt safe.

Jimmy G

G2 Reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars

BackupSheep Keeps Our Website Safe!

I really like how BackupSheep allows me to backup my business's website to our Amazon Web Services account, even to our EC2 servers! Since our site is a WordPress site, the MySQL Database option in BackupSheep is very helpful. We also enjoy how BackupSheep gives $10 for each referral, without any limit! This helps our business make a side-profit. We like how BackupSheep has Backup Log, Backup Scheduling, and Compression features.

Desiree J

G2 Reviews

4 out of 5 stars

Good backup solution

This has streamlined our ability to schedule and manage offsite backups across multiple servers

Agency in Marketing and Advertising

G2 Reviews

Backup one node for free forever.

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