Created in 2017 as the solution to automate cloud backups.


Hey! I'm Bilal Ahmed, a software developer living in Ancaster, ON, Canada. Before BackupSheep, I have worked with small businesses, startups, and agencies on Upwork since 2011, and I'm passionate about developing software solutions using Python/Django stack.


During my journey as a freelancer software developer, I managed dozens of cloud servers and applications hosted on various cloud providers. However, when configuring reliable backups for those applications, there were no easy-to-use and affordable solutions available. Setting up backups and managing them on an ongoing basis was a huge pain and took a lot of time away from development.


So in early 2017, I developed an internal application that used publicly available APIs for cloud service providers like DigitalOcean, AWS and OVH to automate backups of cloud servers based on a set schedule and on-demand backups whenever needed.

I soon realized the potential of offering this as a SaaS application to developers and software agencies who manage many client applications and websites.


After spending few weeks in development time, in May 2017, BackupSheep became available as a SaaS application to automate the backup scheduling of cloud servers.

Since my background is in pure technology, so I had no idea how to market this application. So I only posted it on the DigitalOcean Community Tools forum (https://www.digitalocean .com/community/tools/backupsheep), and the feedback was incredible.

What's Next

In 2021 BackupSheep went through a complete code rewrite to support future growth and provide more awesome services to thousands of loyal customers. I'm passionate about BackupSheep, and our team is growing, and we are looking forward to the next phase of BackupSheep, which will bring more unique services to solve problems and save your time.