Use Cloudflare Object Storage To Store Your Backups

Use your Cloudflare Object Storage accounts as storage for website and database backups without writing code.

Backup 1 server, database, or website for free forever.

How Cloudflare Object Storage Integration Works?

With native integration with Cloudflare Object Storage, you can store backups in multiple Cloudflare Object Storage accounts simultaneously.

Configure Cloudflare Object Storage Integration

Connect your Cloudflare Object Storage using the BackupSheep Cloudflare Object Storage app. You can connect multiple accounts.

Configure Cloudflare Object Storage Integration

Select Storage Location

Select the storage location for your backup in schedule settings and when making an on-demand backup.

Select Storage Location

Cloudflare Object Storage Integration Features

Get your backups available on Cloudflare Object Storage and automatically sync to your desktop without writing code.

Store unlimited backups

There's no storage limit if you use your Cloudflare Object Storage for website and database backups.

Simultaneous storage uploads

You can upload backups simultaneously to multiple Cloudflare storage buckets a backup retention policy as well.

Minimal Cloudflare Object Storage access is needed

BackupSheep access is limited to storage bucket, which means that access is only limited to that bucket on Cloudflare Object Storage and not your whole account.

Easy backups download and sharing

You can download backups and create shareable links directly from the BackupSheep dashboard.

Cloudflare Object Storage Integration Questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

How many Cloudflare storage buckets can I connect?
You can connect as many Cloudflare storage buckets as you like. There are no restrictions in our free Developer and paid Unlimited plan.
Is there any backup storage limit for Cloudflare Object Storage?
No. You can store as many backups as you like.
What kind of backups can I store in Cloudflare storage buckets?
You can use your Cloudflare storage buckets for website and database backups. You can also download backups from your BackupSheep dashboard.
Other questions?
We're always available or visit our help desk

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