Automated Backups on DigitalOcean Spaces

Store unlimited file and database backups on your DigitalOcean Spaces buckets.

Trusted by DigitalOcean customers since 2017

Automatically sync all your backups to your desktop using DigitalOcean Spaces

Multiple Buckets

DigitalOcean Spaces Storage Integration

Bring Your Own DigitalOcean Spaces Storage

Own your backups and connect any number of the DigitalOcean Spaces buckets as you wish for database and file backups.


Store database backups at multiple storage locations simultaneously.

Retention Policy

You may choose to keep all or last N number of backups you want.

UnZip Large Backups

You can unzip large backups right from dashboard.

Unlimited Storage

Store unlimited amounts of backups on your connected storage accounts.

One-Click Download

Download or share backup links right from your BackupSheep dashboard.

Minimal Access

Our platform uses minimal access needed to manage your backups.

Storage Integrations

Connect any number of the external storage accounts as you wish for your database and file server backups. Store the backups at multiple storage locations simultaneously.

BackupSheep Support

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