DigitalOcean Backup Service

BackupSheep connects with your DigitalOcean account to automate server & volume snapshots - without writing code.

Automate Snapshots for 3 droplets for free forever.
No credit card required

How DigitalOcean Snapshots Works?

Connect your DigitalOcean servers and volumes with one of the BackupSheep regions to configure snapshot lifecycle policy and schedule automated snapshots; stored within your DigitalOcean account for easy restore.

Configure DigitalOcean Integration

Integrate your DigitalOcean account(s) using an API key to one of our backup servers.

 Configure DigitalOcean Integration

Create Server or Volume Node

Create a node by linking your DigitalOcean server or volume. You create as many nodes you like using the same integration.

Create Server or Volume Node

Schedule Automatic Snapshots

Schedule automatic DigitalOcean snapshots and lifecycle policy using our timezone-aware scheduling module.

Schedule Automatic Snapshots

DigitalOcean Snapshot Features

Trusted by Over 6,300 developers, agencies & startups to take millions of snapshots since 2017

Snapshot automation and lifecycle policy

Configure snapshot schedules and retention policy for cloud servers and volumes; then, we use APIs to automate the snapshot-taking process.

Easy Multi Account Management

Connect multiple DigitalOcean Cloud account and manage all your backups from single dashboard.

One Click On-Demand Backups

Create instant backups of DigitalOcean Cloud instances and disks from your BackupSheep dashboard.

Snapshots live in your DigitalOcean account

The automated snapshots created by BackupSheep stay within your DigitalOcean account, and they are the same as if you make a manual snapshot.

DigitalOcean Snapshots Questions

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Can I use backup DigitalOcean server or volume for free?
Yes. Using our Developer plan, you can automate snapshots of your DigitalOcean server and volumes for free. There are no hidden charges, and you don't need a credit card to signup.
How much free storage is included?
Since snapshots are stored within your DigitalOcean account, we don't count that toward your plan storage limit. In short, you can create as many snapshots as you like.
What gets installed on my DigitalOcean server?
We don't install anything on your server. You use your DigitalOcean account API Key to connect with BackupSheep, and we use DigitalOcean APIs to trigger snapshots.
Other questions?
We're always available or visit our help desk

Ready to get started?

Automating snapshots is costly and takes time. Delegate this task forever by using our no-code DigitalOcean backup service.

Schedule DigitalOcean Snapshots
Automate Snapshots for 3 droplets for free forever.
No credit card required