Connect your account

You can connect multiple DigitalOcean accounts with just a click of button. Once you connect an account then you can choose which servers or volumes you want to link with BackupSheep.

connection digitalocean account
link digitalocean server


Link droplets or volumes

Select the servers or volumes you want to link with your BackupSheep account. Once they are linked then you can configure backup schedules.


Setup Backup Schedule

Create schedule and set backup retention policy to keep last N number of backups. Schedules support crontab syntax and multiple schedules can be set.

create snapshot schedule
digitalocean backups


That's it!

Now we will call snapshot APIs based on your configured schedule and delete old snapshots based on retention policy you defined. You will get email alerts based on notification settings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have some other questions, see our help desk.

Where snapshots are stored?

Snapshots are stored within your DigitalOcean account. DigitalOcean may charge you for storage used by snapshots.

Do I need DigitalOcean backups enabled?

No. You don't need DigitalOcean backups to be enabled on server to create automatic snapshots with BackupSheep.

Server will reboot during snapshot?

No. The server will remain active and will not reboot or suspend during snapshot.

Does BackupSheep get root access?

No. When you connect your account we only get API access to your DigitalOcean account. We can't see what's inside your server or volume.

What is backup retention policy?

You can configure backup schedule to keep last N number of backups.