How BackupSheep Works?

Backup Automation Toolkit for Servers, Databases & Websites


BackupSheep is an all-in-one backup automation toolkit for servers, databases & websites.

We are a SaaS product that you can use to automate backups

You will find details about the different kinds of backup automation solutions we offer.

Server Snapshots

BackupSheep offers integration with a variety of cloud hosting services, using DigitalOcean as a reference point for now..

If you've previously utilized DigitalOcean, you're probably accustomed to manually creating snapshots of servers and volumes from the platform's dashboard.

Furthermore, DigitalOcean has APIs available. Anyone with coding skills can leverage these APIs to carry out various tasks within their DigitalOcean account, including actions such as creating and deleting snapshots.

With BackupSheep, you're presented with a streamlined dashboard that allows you to connect all your DigitalOcean accounts and set up snapshot schedules and retention policies for your cloud servers and volumes. This is achieved by utilizing DigitalOcean's APIs to automate the process of snapshot creation.

These snapshots are retained in your DigitalOcean account, akin to conventional snapshots.

By utilizing BackupSheep to automate the creation of snapshots, you have the option to disable the backup function in your DigitalOcean server, potentially resulting in significant cost savings.

Database Backups

BackupSheep enables easy integration with a variety of SQL and NoSQL databases. Backing up databases is straightforward, as we employ generic CLI tools such as mysqldump and pg_dump to generate database backups which are then compressed into zip format.

These compacted backups can be saved offsite depending on your chosen setup. For instance, in a single scheduling, you have the ability to upload a backup of your WordPress database to AWS S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, and the default BackupSheep storage.

Restoring these backups is a quick process that can be accomplished using the mysqldump or pg_dump CLI tool, or you can execute it directly from your BackupSheep dashboard.

Website Backup

BackupSheep provides seamless file-server/website integration through SFTP and FTP protocols.

You can establish a connection with your file-server using the BackupSheep dashboard, after which you can specify the files or folders you want to back up. In our interface, we refer to this as creating a 'node'.

When the backup procedure initiates, all selected files are downloaded and subsequently compressed into a zip format. These compressed backup files can be stored offsite in a location of your choosing, based on your preferred settings. For instance, you have the option to upload a backup of your WordPress files on AWS S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, and BackupSheep storage, all within a single scheduling.

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