MySQL Backup Service

Simplify backup process with database backup automation, you can schedule automatic offsite backups for MySQL databases - without writing code.

Backup 1 database for free forever.
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How MySQL Backup Works?

Connect your MySQL database server with one of BackupSheep regions to schedule automated backups; stored offsite across free BackupSheep storage in North America and Europe or your offsite storage accounts.

Configure MySQL Database Integration

Setup integration by connecting your MySQL database server using username and password or via SSH to one of our backup servers.

Configure MySQL Database Integration

Create MySQL Database Node

Create MySQL node using database integration and customize your node depending on what your want to backup. You create multiple nodes using the same integration.

Create MySQL Database Node

Schedule Automatic Backups

Schedule automatic MySQL database backups using our timezone-aware scheduling module, and you can select multiple offsite storage locations for your backup.

Schedule Automatic Backups

MySQL Backup Features

Connect any number of the MySQL databases for simple, secure, and cost-effective backups; stored across free BackupSheep storage in North America and Europe or your storage accounts.

Blazing fast & compressed database backups

All database backup servers use NVMe storage and have a high throughput network for quick and reliable backups from different regions.

Execute database backups from multiple regions

We have dedicated database backup servers for faster backups.

Generic database backup toolkit

We like to keep things simple; we use generic CLI tools like mysqldump and msql to create a database backup and then compress them using zip. This way, you can restore them without any special software.

Unlimited storage options

Store your database backups on free storage provided by BackupSheep in North America & Europe regions. You can also connect your storage accounts such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 and more to store unlimited backups.

MySQL Storage Integrations

Bring your external storage accounts as you wish for your MySQL database backups. Store the backups at multiple storage locations simultaneously.

MySQL Backup Questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

Can I use backup MySQL database for free?
Yes. You can backup your MySQL database for free using our Developer plan, which comes with 50GB storage, and you can connect your own storage account for unlimited backups. There are no hidden charges, and you don't need a credit card to signup.
How much free storage is included?
When you signup for a developer account, you get 50GB, and with an unlimited plan, you get 1TB of free storage. If you exceed your allocated storage limit, you pay just $0.010/GB or $10/TB. There's no storage limit if you connect your storage.
Can I use my own storage for MySQL backups?
BackupSheep supports integrations with many popular storage providers such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 and more, so you can store database backups in your offsite storage.
What gets installed on my database server?
We don't install anything on your server. However, If you use SSH to connect to a private MySQL database server, you must have MySQL and mysqldump CLI tools installed on that SSH server.
Other questions?
We're always available or visit our help desk

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