Effective Nov 1st 2023. After careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to cease operations and shut down the application. In the coming days, as a part of the closure process, BackupSheep is committed to giving back to the community. We will be open-sourcing our application and tools, allowing individuals and organizations to benefit from the technology that powered BackupSheep's services.

PostgreSQL Backup Service

Simplify backup process with database backup automation, you can schedule automatic offsite backups for PostgreSQL databases - without writing code.

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Automated PostgreSQL Backups

With our Automated Backups feature, you'll never have to worry about manual data backup again. Schedule your backups according to your preference, and let our system handle the rest.

Multi-Server Backups

Oversee backups across multiple database servers. With this feature, you can connect to numerous database servers and manage all your backups from a single, unified interface. This centralized approach simplifies the backup process, saving you valuable time and effort. No matter how many servers you operate, we've got you covered.

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Without Writing Code

Manage your PostgreSQL backups efficiently without the need for coding knowledge or expertise. This user-friendly interface ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience, regardless of your technical background.

 Without Writing Code

Storage Integration

Our Cloud Storage Integration feature brings you the flexibility and security of the cloud. Seamlessly store your PostgreSQL backups in leading cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure. This ensures your data is not only safe but also readily accessible from anywhere, at any time. Enjoy added redundancy and ease of access, making data recovery effortless when needed.

  Store All Your Backups

Easy Backup Restore and Sharing

Take advantage of our intuitive tools and interfaces that make backup restoration and sharing a breeze. Swiftly and securely transfer your database between servers with minimal effort. Enhance efficiency by providing your team and clients with access to download and restore backups, saving both time and resources.

 Simplified Backup Downloading and Sharing

Flexible Backup Scheduling

With BackupSheep, you have the flexibility to schedule your backups at a frequency that suits your business needs. From hourly to daily, weekly, or monthly, set up backup schedules that fit your data protection requirements. Our user-friendly interface enables you to easily customize your backup settings, giving you the peace of mind that your critical data is always backed up and secure.

 Flexible Backup Scheduling

API & Automation

Integrating backups into your application has never been easier with BackupSheep's powerful tools. Our API, webhooks, and backup triggers enable you to seamlessly connect your backups with your application. By using our API, you can automate backup operations and integrate backup data into your existing workflows.

 API & Automation

Slack, Telegram & Email Alerts

BackupSheep provides multi-channel backup alerts through Slack, Telegram, and email to keep you informed of the status of your backups. This ensures that you are always aware of any backup issues or failures, enabling you to take immediate action to prevent data loss or corruption. Stay on top of your backups with BackupSheep's reliable and user-friendly alert system.

 Slack, Telegram & Email Alerts

High-Level Security Measures for Your Data

At BackupSheep, we understand that security is a top priority for businesses when it comes to data backup. That's why we prioritize top-notch security measures to ensure your data is safe and protected. Our platform leverages advanced encryption methods and secure transfer protocols to safeguard your data against unauthorized access and cyber threats. Additionally, we enforce strict access control policies to limit access to your data to authorized personnel only. With BackupSheep, you can rest assured that your critical data is in safe hands.

High-Level Security Measures for

Storage Integrations for PostgreSQL Backups

Store backups in multiple storage accounts simultaneously.

PostgreSQL Backup Service Features

Connect any number of the PostgreSQL databases for simple, secure, and cost-effective backups.

Snapshot Automation

Team Members

Share access with your team members with ability to restrict access.

Snapshot Automation

Client Access

Share access with your clients to allow them to manage their backups.

Snapshot Automation

Slack, Telegram & Email Alerts

Get backup notifications on your number of communication channels.

Snapshot Automation

Robust APIs

Integrate BackupSheep with your applications using REST APIs.

Snapshot Automation

Multi-Storage Backups

Upload backups to multiple storage accounts in a single backup run.

Snapshot Automation

Upto 1-Minute Intervals

Flexible backup scheduling with up to 1-minute backup intervals.

Snapshot Automation

Crontab Syntax

Create backups at regular intervals or at a specific time using crontab syntax.

Snapshot Automation

Timezone Aware

Create timezone-aware schedule to run in different timezones.

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Create multiple schedules per node to create multiple backups.

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On-Demand Backups

Create instant backups of node using dashboard or API.

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NVMe storage and have a high throughput network for quick and reliable backups.

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S3 Compatible

Access your backup buckets and push backups using any tool which supports S3.

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Canadian Support Team

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PostgreSQL Backup FAQs

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

What is a PostgreSQL Backup Service?
A PostgreSQL backup service is an essential tool for a well-running company to protect their data. No business can afford to lose their PostgreSQL database, and using a backup service helps reduce any downtime and data loss caused by a failure in PostgreSQL or a human error. A service will automate the process and report the issues back.
What is a PostgreSQL backup tool?
A PostgreSQL backup tool is a software application that you can manually run your backup your database; think of pg_dump used to extract the database into a SQL file you can run to recreate the database a service automates and manages the process for you.
Why use a PostgreSQL Backup Service
Utilizing a PostgreSQL backup service helps to protect your vital databases from data loss. Various issues can result in data loss, such as accidental deletion, cyberattacks, or server crashes. A PostgreSQL backup service mitigates these risks by allowing a third-party, such as BackupSheep, to handle your backups and store them offsite.
Why backup PostgreSQL Offsite?
Offsite backup of PostgreSQL databases is vital for eliminating risks associated with potential compromises at the source location. This could be due to hacker intrusion, fires at the data center, or disk corruption. An offsite backup provides an extra layer of security and allows you to restore your data with a second provider if your current one encounters issues.
Who pays for storage?
With BackupSheep, you use your personal cloud storage account. Therefore, you would be responsible for any associated fees with the external storage provider you use, such as S3-compatible storage, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Azure.
How does BackupSheep backup PostgreSQL databases?
BackupSheep uses the pg_dump command to create, manage, and update PostgreSQL databases. Its automated tools allow you to easily locate the necessary files and set up the backup in a short amount of time.
Can BackupSheep allow backup for my clients?
Yes, BackupSheep allows you to manage backups that are easily accessible for your clients.
What are the other things that we can backup with BackupSheep?
In addition to PostgreSQL, BackupSheep can also be utilized for backing up MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and server files.
Can BackupSheep keep separate files?
Yes, BackupSheep allows the creation of separate files, whether you want a single dump file or if you prefer each database to have its own backup. With BackupSheep's PostgreSQL backup tool, you can customize this according to your needs.
Other questions?
We're always available support@backupsheep.com or visit our help desk

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